Slideshow: Art Along the Beltline on Creative Loafing

Creative Loafing has a great slideshow featuring each art installation along the Beltline. I particularly love the Living Walls mural in Reynoldstown. But there are so many creative, talented people participating this year. It’s a big honor for us to be part of it all.


We Heart Sweet Peach

Our friend Pam has a discerning eye and a passion for design – and the photography and writing skills to match. Recently she started Sweet Peach, a new website that celebrates the artistry of the South. It’s so fabulous, you should bookmark it. Visually delightful!

Pam visited our Communitree installation on the Beltline last week and worked her usual photo magic to showcase our pieces. Here’s Pam’s Beltline Knitterati article on Sweet Peach. Thanks Pam! We’re so glad you and your site are in our lives. Yay SE ┬ádesign!